Monday, April 27, 2015

Use Virtual Field Trips to Enhance Your Curriculum

It is impossible to personally visit many significant sites in the world such as the Louvre, Smithsonian, or Washington D.C. sites.  Other sites close to home may be too expensive to finance bus transportation and supervision.  Realizing the significance of the digital age, many sites have produced virtual field trips that can add immeasurable information to your students in math, reading, science, and social studies curriculums.  Some virtual tours have prepared lessons that you can use.  If not, use the Field Trip model shown in the other field trip blog entry that can tailor a lesson to fit your purposes and those of a variety of learners in your class.  Read this article for ideas you might use.

Virtual Field Trips Spice Up Learning.  Barbara R. Blackburn. 4.26.15. MiddleWeb

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Using Technology Responsibly

In our connected world it is important for teachers and students to respect the power of technology in revealing the character, habits, and opinions of themselves and others.  In Facebook, the most visited social media site, we need to understand the consequences of posting items/images that we might regret.  Lesson:  Think before you post....   Excellent article that everyone should read and consider.

Tech Tip:  Can we be people of character in a connected world?  Mike Ribble. 4.21.15.

How to Help Kinesthetic Learners

We assume most students learn using auditory/visual systems, yet many students require manipulation and movement.  In the early years, most children are physically active and teachers respond to this by providing teaching strategies that require movement and manipulation.  Older students may have that kinesthetic tendency so teachers should provide movement, touch, and physical connection.  Not only will kinesthetic learners benefit, but so will all learners in the class.
Read this wonderful article for more ideas.  Share your experiences in Comments below.

Keeping your classroom moving.  Hanptali Hoff. 4.23.15. SmartBlog on Education.