Saturday, November 3, 2012

New report - Overcoming Barriers Implementing CC

ASCD released a new report funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation --- "Fulfilling the Promise of the Common core State Standards: Moving from Adoption to Implementation to Sustainability."  downloadable from
This article realistically describes the current issues that confront districts and teachers. Educators are unclear about focusing instruction.  Not enough opportunity for school leadership to learn and understand the standards and their potential for changing the learning and teaching paradigm.  Because of this teachers  are 'charging ahead' with short-cut methods such as correlating verbiage to state standards ignoring the level of rigor, mastery, and depth of change needed to meet the expectations of college and career readiness in the Common Core Standards.
Excellent article but I realize that full implementation of Common Core will take some time to happen.  All the ducks are scattered will take some time to get them all in a row.

Now that we've started our own shifting of reading and math instruction, is it working for you and your students.  More Rigor?   More Relevancy?  Close reading?

Common Core:  7 Recommendations for Effective Implementation.  David Nagel. 11.1.12. The Journal - Transforming Education through Technology

What's Happening in California is Happening Here Too!

Actually what is going on in California regarding algebra is going on in many states and districts with other subjects besides algebra.  There has been a long-standing debate on when algebra should be taught - 8th or 9th grade.  California is now easing up on their law on textbook adoption.  Now the state will come up with recommendations, but individual districts are free to make their own choices - not just in text book choices but in other resources including digital.
In developing textbook adoption, California maintains the attitude that there is quality control in state adoption.  Many worry that loosening these requirements will affect quality of instruction.
Not all states have state textbook adoption processes.  But all states & school districts are finding that resource materials in changing quickly in their quest to "align" to Common Core.  The state will be bring a list of supplemental materials to the state board to "bridge the gap" between existing instructional resources and the common core.
My questions to our readers are (1)  Should teachers rely on state decisions for textbook adoption? (2)  What kinds of instructional resources do classroom teachers need?  And who or what entity makes these decisions?
(3)  What freedoms should teachers enjoy in individual districts and schools?

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