Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Solving Math Problems With Games & Puzzles

Author, Deepak Kulkarni, promotes math problem solving with  grid puzzles.  He also teaches short-cuts using algebra, divisibility rules, multiplication tricks, sets, Venn diagrams, factors, and other techniques.  Puzzle math is useful in some situations but not in situations relating math concepts to real world situations.  Very interesting!  Are you good at these puzzles?  Have you used them in T1?

Recreational and Educational Value of Math Puzzles.  Deepak Kulkarni.  7.5.13.  edutopia;%20no%20ad;%2040K%20throttle)%20remainder&utm_content=&spMailingID=6564005&spUserID=MjcyOTI0ODQzODgS1&spJobID=78576993&spReportId=Nzg1NzY5OTMS1

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