Sunday, December 1, 2013

Survey Synthesizes Teachers' Attitudes About Technology

This article synthesizes 5 prominent national surveys of K-12 teachers about their practices and uses of technology.  Different kinds of technology were used and results have indicated great questions that have yet to be explored more fully.  The report is available by download by an enbedded PDF link.  Some basic concerns......How has technology impacted student achievement?  What practical ways is instruction by technolgy aligned to state standards and Common Core?  Are tech tools more effective in certain subjects which then impacts costs at the school and district level?  What role do students play and what are their reactions and opinions?  Interesting stuff with no clear answers yet.

Surveys Snythesized:  What Are Teachers' Attitudes About Classroom Technology? Tina Barseghian. 10.11.13. Mind/Shift;postID=1416160411702999153

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