Sunday, March 30, 2014

NEW - Math Personalized Learning from Kahn Academy

Salman Khan states, "And while the standards may be common, we know that students are not - every student has their own learning journey."   The new materials include interactive exercises and drills that focus on conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and real-world application. Students follow "missions" organized by grade level.  The system uses adaptive software that pinpoints areas of struggle, suggests new skills and tracks student progress.  In addition there are resources for teachers.  The site includes a Common Core Map - to help find math drills by standard and real-time reports that measure student performance against Common Core standards.  All of this is free of charge!  What a gift from Salman Khan!

Khan Academy Unveils New Math Resources for Common Core.  Kanoe Namahow. 3.24.14. The Journal - Transforming Education Through Technology

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