Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Helping Students With "Can Do"

WIDA, the consortium of 33 US states and territories for English learners has long adopted the "Can Do Philosophy" (http://www.wida.us/).  The same philosophy extends to all kinds of learners, in particular Title I students who have often experienced failure and have "given up" many times. The author, Terry Heick, helps teachers develop a culture of "can" in their classroom.  He explains 3 Ways to create "Can."
  1. Use the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model
  2. Intentionally Use the Individual Student as a Culture-Maker
  3. Diverse -- and Authentic --Terms for Success
What have you done to encourage your reluctant students to keep on going and not give up?  Share your thoughts in Comments.

Creating a Culture of "Can".  Terry Heick.  11.19.12.  Edutopia

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