Friday, January 3, 2014

Reading To Learn Starts at 4th Grade. Really ??

For decades, educators have been taught that K-3 were the years that children learned to read and that 4th grade was the turning point when children read to learn. Common Core calls for a shift in that thinking.  Making that shift maybe harder for teachers than for children.  Countless research studies show that children are highly engaged in the world around them. What better way than to read and write about those engaging topics.  Nell K. Duke the author of the following article presents seven ways that primary classrooms use informational text effectively.  Do you use any of the 7 practices in your Title I classes?  What worked for you.  Share your thoughts in Comments.

Starting Out:  Practices to Use in K-3.  Nell K. Duke. November 2013. ASCD Educational Leadership

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