Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Read Aloud Project for K-2nd Graders

Kindergarten teacher, Jamie Landahl, tells us about how she has used the Read Aloud Project in her school, North Las Vegas Duncan Elementary School.  The project is appropriate for children in K-2nd grades.  The project focuses on building student comprehension and vocabulary by enhancing read alouds with activities.  The following article describes the method which involves 30 minutes a day for a week.  Results?  Amazing....She describes her kids as coming to Kindergarten not knowing how to hold a pencil.  At the end of the year, her students answered questions and were able to write complete sentences.  Excellent article.

Program challenges, improves listening comprehension in Kindergarten through second-graders.  Sandy Lopez.  6.14.15.  Las Vegas Review-Journal

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  1. Using activities and real life examples to bring a story to life is always a great way to increase comprehension. Thanks for sharing!