Saturday, October 26, 2013

Different Ways of Reaching Answers

Although this article's example is in a 2nd grade class at a Morgan County School, the principle is the same at other grades using different mathematical procedures.  Students display a bulletin board coming up with different ways to reach the number 4.  This class arrived at 20 different ways which were posted on a hall bulletin board seen by many other students going to gym class. 
        The district developed the OnGoing Assessment Project, or OGAP, which defines the knowledge and skills at each grade level.  OGAP has changed the ways teachers teach math.  There is lots of collaborative discussion in classes and students are asked to explain their how they arrived at answers.  Interesting....certainly an approach that should be very effective in our small group Title I classes.

Morgan adding math techniques.  Deangelo McDaniel. 10.21.13. Decatur

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