Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rebramding "Failure" - Helping Students Take Risks

One of the many facets of building relationships with our students is helping them deal with failure.  It is an experience all of us have had and is a fact of life.  So in Title I classes, we always emphasize that making mistakes is OK.  We need to teach our students to rebrand failure as risk-taking which is another way to learn.  This article stresses that concept and suggests that teachers tell stories of people who have failed yet then achieved great things.  Example:  Thomas Edison tried 10,000 different materials before he found the right one for the light bulb filament.....[that's persistence all right!].

Making Friends With Failure.  Ainissa Ramirez. 8.28.13.  Edutopia

Think of your own "failures."  Are there any you'd like to share with your students or colleagues. How have you learned from them?  Share your thoughts below in Comments.

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